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Rolo Puentes

vbuffers dynamic/static

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The big dufference about dynamic and static vertex buffers is how you use them and where they are located in memory. Besides that you can use them both the exact same way.

Dynamic VBs are used for geometry that changes each frame (particle engines etc). They need to be written to each frame so the driver will put them in an optimal place for it.

Static VBs are generally used for ''static data'' or data that only needs to be loaded once at the beginning and won''t change much during the level (base terrain data or monster models). This will be put in an optimal place is memory for rendering because the driver knows that you don''t need to write to it. Write operations on static VBs are slower that dynamic ones.

Search for optimize or dynamic vbs in the forums and you''ll get a lot of information/links on the subject.


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