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Car models

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Hi guys I am writing a racing game as part of a research project for my MSC (Master of Science in case you don''t get them in the states). Although this is for research I still want it to look good so that when I start to apply for jobs i have something nice to show. where can I get some nice 3DS (or other) models. Ideally I want a high poly count of a car in two versions. One with the car in a pristing cindition, the other with car smashed up and dented. I intend to use the two models and tween between the two models when the car gets damaged. The amount of tweening depends on the severity of the crash, the amount of damage already and so on. Does any one have any suggestions of where I can get such models. Free would be great but I would be willing to pay a small amount (I am a student with no money) if the model was what I was looking for. Thanks Giles Roadnight

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