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problems with compiling

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sorry to bother you with a n00bish question again, but i tried to find an answer all the day now (searched the forums endless times, sorry if this question was already answered), and didn''t get one: i want to compile the SDL_gfx library, so i get the dll, the lib the exp and so on. i tried to create these files with the gnu make-compiler make-command, and with the nmake command (im using visual c++). i always get these two error-messages: if i run make: make:*** No rule to make target `SDL_framerate.obj'', needed by `SDL_gfx.dll''.Stop. if i run nmake: makefile<37>: fatal error U1033; Syntax-Error: ''cl'' unexpected.Stop. what do i make wrong? hoping for help if something is stupid and it works, it ain''''t stupid

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