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Flash reader to a surface/bmp

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Hi, I was wondering if any of you have tried to make a MacroMedia flash-reader for writing to a surface/texture. My artists keep bugging me for more control over UI, and 2D elements of the game, to the point that making a tool that would satisfy them is bordering on a full-time job. They keep referring to their favorite "toy", Flash MX, when they do this.. can you do roll-overs like in flash ? (I do it, and it turns out they wanted the roll-over to trigger a script that changed another image somewhere else on screen.. argh... I had a poke around, and saw the OpenSWF movement http://www.openswf.org, that have the specs for SWF (flash files) available.. What I was wondering is; has anyone here implemented a flash-reader for a 3D application ? Rendering the flash-file to a texture, and applying that texture to an object ? If so, how did it go ? Did you include support for action-scripts, or just basic Flash data ? How''s the speed for this ? Thanks, Allan

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