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BR Programmer

Jedi Headers vs. DelphiX

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After all, what is better: DelphiX or Jedi Headers? DelphiX simplifies the work, but it is not being updated... Thank you for the attention! BR Programmer

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I''m currently writing a soon to be release game development kit for Delphi containing wrapper classes for the JEDI headers as well as a bunch of cool tools.
The dev kit will be free of course...

Anyway, the JEDI headers have many advantages over DelphiX. First of all, DelphiX uses its own header translations which are not up to date as you already mentioned. DirectX 8 happens to be slightly faster than DirectX 7, at least on newer video cards.

Then there''s this thing where DelphiX passes TRects to DirectX instead of PRects (this is not a problem if you use UnDelphiX) so this compromises some speed as well.

So if you decide to use the JEDI headers, you will definitely will gain some more FPS.

Using plain DirectX is harder of course, but most people who use plain DirectX at some point write their own wrapper units which make things like initialization a lot easier.

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I would be very interested in a development kit using jedi headers. will it be as easy as delphix is now, and will there be some tutorial or open source examples? that would help a lot, i''m using delphix and found the jedi headers very difficult.

looking forward for new jedi headers wrapper


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Here''s what it is...

1.) Wrappers for all DirectX headers
Finished so far
Direct3D Sprites (2D with Direct 3D)

Work in Progress

2.) Additional wrapper classes for
BASS Sound System
Windows GDI

3.) A bunch of Tools
PackageEditor - Pack all your game''s resources in one file
FontForge - Bitmap Font Editor
Interface Editor - Visual editor for graphical user interfaces
Sprite Editor - An editor that allows you to create 2D sprites
(All tools are finished, except the Sprite Editor)

4.) Classes to access the data stores in the files made with the editors as listed above.

5.) Full documentation for all classes, editors, etc.

6.) Examples

The DirectX wrappers will be open source of course, the tools will be free but source won''t be included.
Both non-commercial and commercial use will be allowed free of charge.

And yes, it will be as easy as DelphiX with the exception that the wrapper classes will not add into the VCL
(Just like the TRegistry class for example, you''ll have to add the name of the unit to your uses clause and create the classes manually).

Official website

Official release date
None yet

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will your development kit only support Delphi Version 5 and above or will I be able to use it also with older versions ?

[edited by - Doc P on August 20, 2002 2:06:26 AM]

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The only critical code which might make it incompatible with older versions is its use of the Delphi JPEG unit. Apart from that, it should be compatible and you shouldn''t expect any difficulties when installing it.

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