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VC waring question

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c:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio .NET\Vc7\include\useoldio.h(29) : warning C4995: ''_OLD_IOSTREAMS_ARE_DEPRECATED'': name was marked as #pragma deprecated what is this warning means? the help file said: "The compiler encountered a function that was marked with pragma deprecated. The function may no longer be supported in a future release." How will this affect my program? I would highly appriciate any help.

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from the actual file "useoldio.h"....

* Warning C4995, ''_OLD_IOSTREAMS_ARE_DEPRECATED'' is a deprecated name, is
* being issued because the old I/O Streams headers iostreams.h et al will no
* longer be supported from VC8. Replace references such as #include
* with #include <iostreams>, using the new, more conformant, I/O
* Streams headers.

this means that your programs will compile fine under vc7 but not under vc8. deprecated means stop using iostreams.h and start using iostreams....

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