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Win 2000 vs. ME

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Alright, I´ve got a situation! I have this little 2D game I´m making using DirectDraw and I''m programming it on a Win 2000 computer. I made a demo to show a few friends and it worked like a charm on all the Win 2000 computers but it was kind of screwed up on a computer running Win ME. 1. The screen resolution didn''t change so the the game just appeared in the upper left corner of the screen unless we manually made the resolution 640x480 in the operating system (yes the resolution is supposed to be so low). 2. The ColorKey stuff didn''t seem to be working so the parts of the sprites that were supposed to be transparent were just white instead like they are in the original bitmap. So ... is there any way to compile this stuff for Win ME/98/95 or could this be some DirectX version problem (I still think we both have the same version) or what? I´m totally in dept to anyone who can answer this or link to an article that does! Kári.

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