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First Contact with 3d Animation, Skeletal or KeyFrame Animation?

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Hello, I think it is time to add animation support to my poor engine and to my 3dmax xporter, but I don´t know witch method use Skeletal or Key Frame. Key Frame seems pretty easy using linear interpolation among vertices, but Skeletal is more open, because you can do more things with your models (I think it isn´t hard to understand neither, am I wrong?, only read a little about it). So, I would like to hear some comments from other ppl... Note: Any good tutorial about skeletal animation? Thanks in advance. HexDump.

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Well, it really depends on exactly what you need. Most people don''t realize that keyframe animation is perfect for what they need. Skeletal animation on the other hand can be very complicated and intensive (processing wise. If you do it wrong it could slow down your game, A LOT). It''s all about what you have time and are willing to implement.

They''re both great systems. As a matter of fact, you actually do keyframing in skeletal animation (you keyframe the skeletal animation). Skeletal also allows you to create more fluid motion (IMO).

If you''re using 3DS files, you already have Keyframe support, so I reccomend just going for that. On the other hand, if you have your heart set on Skeletal animation (which I''m sure you know is the process of using a skeleton to deform a 3d model), go for it, but you will have a few struggles with it if you''ve never attempted it before.

Go here for an excellent tutorial on Skeletal Animation:

Good luck!

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