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Casting Smart Pointers

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Hey all, Are there any well-known methods for casting between smart pointers of different types? e.g.:

class A

class B : public A

// exactly how you''d declare a smart pointer in my engine:

#define QUILL_DYNAMIC_PTR( x ) Quill::QuillPtr >


// this is impossible, due to C++ type technicalities

So far as I can understand, the only way to do such a thing would be to reimplement my smart pointer class to deal with such cases (at the moment my smart pointer class (QuillPtr) remains the same, whether dealing with new/delete allocated memory or COM pointers - only the RefCounter used by the QuillPtr ever needs to be reimplemented). Does anyone have any ideas? I''ll provide more source code as needed Tom

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Create a new smart pointer, copy the raw pointer, destroy the old smart pointer.

Have a look at Boost''s smart pointers, or Loki''s (if you like template code).

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Thanks very much, but wouldn''t that screw up reference counts for the original pointer? Maybe I''m misunderstanding. Anyway, I''ll check out the boost/Loki source code.

Thanks again


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