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Polygon counts for cars

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Hi Guys What is a sort of high end poly gon count for a car that will keep frame rates high. I expect to only have a maximum of 3 or 4 cars in each race and very little other objects to render (track furniture). I plan to use vertex shaders and the main pint of the program is AI research so I need lots of CPU for that. I want a fairly high poly count car as I will be tweening between a pristing car and a smashed up car as the car takes damage and obviusly the pristine and damaged cars have to have the same polycounts if I am tweening between them. Giles Roadnight giles.roadnight.name

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With a respectable amount of background scenery, some effects and the CPU busy with AI, audio etc, I''d say between 2000 and 5000 per car is quite common (in commercial titles anyway).

[for 5000 I''d expect some decent LOD going on!]

Though some of the newer games which look really nice actually use less or the same amounts of polys as older games! This is due to moving the detail into multiple textures and per pixel effects rather than extra polys (its a general trend).

Simon O''Connor
Creative Asylum Ltd

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LOD would be your level of detail. In its simplest form think of it this way: You create 3 different meshes of the same model with 3 different polygon counts. A high-detail, high-polycount model for when the model is close to the camera. A medium-detail model that is used at a medium range, and a low-poly model for when the model is far away. The idea being that the further away from the camera that the object is, the less detail is visible so you would only be wasting cpu/gpu cycles. The models would be seemlessly interchanged as their distance varies from the camera.

That would be LOD in its simplest format. Others do exist such as Continuous Level of Detail (CLOD) but I''m not very familiar with such methods.

Chris Z.

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