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DirectInput Usage???

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Can anybody tell me the real purpose of DirectInput for game programming? I am a newbie in DirectX programming and I am not sure if I should learn DirectInput or not, Recently I am implementing a 2d game in DirectX, can DirectInput be useful to my application? In what ways should I think about this subject? I have no idea about technical details and examples of what miracles can be done with DirectInput. Thanks in advance for help and answers...

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I''ll elaborate the clown''s statement. Though it''s basically true.

Things that you can do with DX but not (or very difficult) with the basic Win API:

-Use Joysticks, Mousepads, Wheels and the like, including FF
-Flexible Mouse usage
-determine if a key is up or down, therefore generating up and down events as needed

For simple text input, MS claims that using the Win API is simpler. This is true mainly due to the fact that there are different keyboard layouts. Where my ''Y'' key is, probably resides your ''Z'' key. DX more or less says that the button at the bottom left of the keyboard has been pressed.

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