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How does windows GDI make color conversion?

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I read a lot of articles on the topic of color conversion like Tansfaal "16-bit color" , Sam Christiansen "16-Bits pixel" , Dennis Muller "Re: How do I use 16-bpp surfaces?" , Nick Caldwell "Re: How do I use 16-bpp surfaces?" , Joseph Farrel "Pixel formats" ; They were all very very helpful, they made me understand a lot of things on that "16-bit color directx" topic. But i still have some problem.
How does GDI makes the color conversion, cause i use it to load my *bmp files. The algorithm works almost well but sometimes it fails. when for a RGB(0,200,0), GDI gives RGB(0,203,0) and the algortihm gives RGB(0,199,0).If u set that as tranparent color u know the weird result.

To check the colors i use "Super Color Picker" a small and nice software that u can get at [edited by - remi on August 14, 2002 10:54:24 AM]

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