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wits end, help needed

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Okay I have this crappy urge to program for the PalmOS, but alas to get it to work its a pain in the ass on a windows machine...(probably even a unix one)...soooo I was curious if anyone out there new a great forum to ask some palmOS questions? Im still having a hell of a time getting my development enviroment even working, i went to under their "getting started" they should call it "getting lost". I have many other programmer friends (Educated and non) who have the same difficulties...I know i could get code warrior or something of the sort for some $$$ but I wanted to do this as free as possible just mostly to tinker with, alas i cannot even get started.. so does anyone know of a great palm forum (one such as this but for Palm OS) that I could ask there gurus some major burning questions to get me started...if so whats the link? thanks! -Shane p.s. there was a pilot.programmer news group or something but alas I have no news reader and I am not sure how to set one up under my isp...and at school they dont have that newsgroup available under their list.

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