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directx tutorials

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hello, what im looking to find is a directX tutorial article/site that gives u a section of code explains what each line is and shows differnt ways to use it as opposed to borin me to death with ideas about com and what is going on when i use a segment of code...i want to know this is the syntax to make a screen u can write on, this is the syntax to draw a circle, or this is how to add a bitmap to the display etc w/o having random junk about how the task is preformed. i dont care how the hard ware does what im telling it to do i want to know the syntax and how to use it not how the syntax works and everything i find seems to give large blocks of code and blab about random com junk or other jargon without telling in simple terms this draws a circle and these are the lines of code that make it work. Any one know of something simple and not so beat around the bush like that?

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Since nobody has respinded to you I''ll try to give you a brief answer.

I don''t believe that you what you want is a directX tutorial. It seems more like you should be looking for a simple 2-d engine or a basic ddraw wrapper class, with explanations on how to use the class functions, and then just copy the class/engine to your code.

DirectX isn''t a graphics library, hence you are responsible for initialization, getting interfaces, creating surfaces, palletes etc... This is why so many of the tutorials explain how Directx works, so that you can write your own encapsulated directdraw library or engine.

Someone should be able to give you a link to a good directDraw wrapper class. I used Lamothes TOTWPG''s t3dlib1.h/.cpp for a while to get into using directX.

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