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FPS Features

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What a title. If you refer to my other post, "How violent is too violent?" you''ll pick up on the violence aspect of the game, so you know where I''m coming from. It seemed that the previous post was turning into a game storyline/feature thread, so I started this. The game is of the FPS genre, and initially you would be a lone gunman with a sniper rifle and you''d have to walk through your target area and find a perch. You''d be able to explore the buildings to some degree, and while some buildings wont be explorable, and some won''t have fully realized interiors, many of them will be very real version of office buildings, apartments, etc. You select a good perch (or a bad one if you''re so inclined) and set up. Here''s where its a little fuzzy, mostly from the forum''s input I''ve received. I initially intended it to be an "inflict casualties, beat the cops and escape before they caught you" game, but many people like the idea of having assassinations where you only kill one individual, then pack up before it gets too itchy. You would receive a reward for the hit, either cash to buy new weapons, more ammo, or a new gun that''s better than what you have currently, or some piece of technology. Another idea would be to periodically go up against other snipers, either bad guys or police snipers, and in that manner, acquire their weapon, which would be better than yours. The maps are a few blcoks with usually some sort of open area like a mini park. Other maps may have different settings. Any ideas are welcome. -TSwitch

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