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Tutorial, lesson1 question...

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Dont want to sound noobish (ikno i am a noob in OGL programming) but why doesnt tutorial have a main() ;? is WINAPI WINmain doing the main() job? How does it work and why not use main()? Thnx in advance for any help/info Peace JTG ----------------------- "Wake up! Time to die!" [edited by - jimmyman99 on August 14, 2002 4:58:26 PM]

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int WINAPI WinMain(....

How can it have 2 return types? or is WINAPI not a return type?
Ill check the site, maybe they got the answer.
Also a question out of the topic. I just graduated college, major in computer programming (2 year course). Im having difficulties finding a job - no real experience (i self taught a lot of things like basic, assembler (a little bit), HTML. I know C/C++ pretty well (I think) and VB (very good). I sent out tons of resumes but so far no reply. Any of you guys know what to do in order to get a new job? Im mostly interested in game developing industry, but Ill take ANY programming job (VB and C++) just to get experience. Or should I just try to get a university degree be4 trying to get a job??
Thanks for any help!

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