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Setting up PalmDev for free on windows.

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Okay well i went to palmos.com/dev to get started devloping for my palm Os. I did as the instructions said at: http://prc-tools.sourceforge.net/install/cygwin.html So I got the cygwin stuff, and in the setup it says to download site their site there, did that then it says to select the packages: prc-tools prc-tools-htmldocs pilrc make So I got those, and then it says run the palmdev-prep. I did that and it says when no options present it will use the palm sdk-4 (which is the one i downloaded, tried the latest 5 but that seemed to get no results from palmdev-prep.) So then I copy over from my palm programming book cd a sample hello world, and type make... and at first CC was defined to be in another path for a nother name it wasnt, I changed that in the make file and then typed make again, and it couldn''t find Pilot.h I tried the -I option in the compiler for the make file with the path that I found the pilot.h file in, and still didnt work, even tried it with the same path cygwin reports the pilot.h file to be in, no luck. So anyone know what im missing or what not? I ddid notice that after getting the prc tools fromt he cygwin setup i couldnt just type gcc for anything, so i decide to run the cygwin setup again and get the gcc packages (even though instructions didnt tell me to) is that whats causing it to mess up? Any help would be great...thanks -Shane

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