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bouncing balls don't look right

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this is perhaps a "game design" question in disguise, but: I am writing a pong-type game where the paddles are circular and can move in their half of the pitch. The ball is circular too. I am calculating the angle the ball bounces from a paddle with "angle of incidence = angle of reflection", taking into account the relative velocities of ball and paddle and the surface normal at the point of impact. Sometimes I get reflections that look really wrong. However, when I play back in my head what just happened, I realise that physically it makes sense after all, and the problem was me striking a glancing blow. Does anyone know any more "forgiving" ways of doing this? Or should I stick with a system I believe to be accurate, despite its unforgiving nature? all comments gratefully appreciated…

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how philosophically unsettling...

do you modify the code to make it more believable or stick to your guns and keep the more accurate picture...?

then again, it''s just a game, I''d say if you like it the way it is, keep it, if you don''t like it, change it. I know I''m not much help but I think you''re probably the best judge of whether or not it should be changed, and when you come to a decision, if you need to change it, I''m sure someone would be more than happy to assist you.

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