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Need some mfc dc wrapper help (CClientDC,CPaintDC etc)

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Ok ive got a problem to do with skinning a dialog with a bitmap and an activeX control. Ill Show you some code to make things clearer: My OnPaint() handler:
CPaintDC dc(this); // device context for painting

HDC hdc=dc.GetSafeHdc();
if(m_pSkin)//m_pSkin is my calss for skinning

	m_pSkin->Skin(&hdc);//CSkin::Skin(HDC*) just bitblits

                            //from its stored dc (with the bmp)

                            //to the hdc passed in

this works perfectly until i add a custom made activex control. The problem is that my activex control doesnt show up. I figured it was because the call to Skin() draws over the control (even though it doesnt paint over other controls like buttons and edit controls) so i did a bit of tinkering. I changed the CPaintDC to CClientDC and lo and behold it worked. I dont really understand the difference between CPaintDC and CClientDC (i know that CClientDC is the dc of the client area only but thats all)so I have no idea why this works but i was happy. That is until I put an OutputDebugString("Painting") in the OnPaint function. To my dismay it triggers over and over and over. I had no idea why, but if I change it back to CPaintDC it only triggers when its supposed to and the same if i remove the call to ::ReleaseDC() but if i remove that then i will get resource leaks right? Can anyone tell me why OnPaint is called over and over if i call ReleaseDC() with CClientDC and yet doesnt if i call ::ReleaseDC() with CPaintDC. And what is the difference between these 2 dc''s (also should i only be using CPaintDC in OnPaint()?) Finally does anyone have any idea on how to skin a window with an activex control on it and be able to show the activeX control without these problems? Sorry for all the questions but I feel I need to learn more about this area because i know very little about device contexts. Thanks for any help you can offer

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