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Shannon Barber

Loki has been Ported to MSVC7

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Those interested may download Loki from the CVS repository on sourceforge at this time. A release zip download should be forth-coming in the near future. Fully Supported compilers at this time are gcc 3.1.x, Comeau, & MSVC7. CodeWarrior6 compiles everything, but Conversion does not function correctly. A port is in progress for Borland compilers (I''m not exactly sure what the status is, as I do not have access to any recent Borland C++ compilers). Loki is a generic C++ library that implements a few Design Patterns in meta-template code, and also some common idioms. This is the library explained in detail by Andrei Alexandrescu in his book “Modern C++”. Command Pattern/Generalized Functors: Invocable entities (functions, methods, & other functors) can be treated as first-class citizens. e.g. makes undo/redo painless to implement. Singleton: A professional-strength implementation with common policies is provided. Object Factories & Abstract Factories: Automate the implementation of factory patterns. Visitor Pattern: More general, more efficient than the GoF design, plus a working implementation. Multi-Methods: O(n), O(log(n)) Dynamic dispatch, O(1) static dispatch; various run-time flexibility vs. raw speed trade-offs. Multi-Methods are typically found in script-oriented, "pure" OO languages, such as Smalltalk or Eiffel. A multi-method is a method that is virtual with regard to two or more objects. Smart Pointer: A policy based smart pointer meta-template. The Loki SmartPtr template is currently being considered for standardization in C++0x. Small Object Allocator: Fast allocation and deallocation for small objects which alleviates performance concerns when implementing designs that require frequent construction of simple objects. Magmai Kai Holmlor "Oh, like you''ve never written buggy code" - Lee [Look for information | GDNet Start Here | GDNet Search Tool | GDNet FAQ | MSDN RTF[L] | SGI STL Docs | STFW | Asking Smart Questions ] [Free C++ Libraries | Boost | ACE | Loki | MTL | Blitz++ | wxWindows| Spirit(xBNF)]

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Yes, it''s primarily his code for the MSVC7 port.
It''s been merged with the ''official'' source along with the other Loki ports now. Prior you had to hunt the web for a port for your compiler (may still need to for many platforms), but I will integrate them with the sourceforge project as I find them.
Once it''s released, you''ll be able to download a zip file, right now you have to use CVS.

P.S. I forgot, there''s a port to gcc 2.95.3 - gcc 3.1.x can compile it with no modifications.

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