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Editor for my game...damageable tiles, etc.

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Hi all, Screenie for an editor I'm working on. It's for a 2D overhead Quake I guess. The tiles are kinda temporary - I want to do some better ones. The red ones you see are spawns. You don't see those during the game - the real objects pop in at these points as player weapon and powerup pickups (and the last one [which looks like the Cingular logo] is a player spawn - six to a map max). No nifty lightmapping or anything but it only lets you build legal (within the context of my game, anyway) maps and has paint-on damage effects on all of the tiles (three levels) - damage accrues as things get shot in the game but this lets you 'pre-stress' parts of the arena if you like (yeah, like Levi's). I might add multiple 'destruction paths' too so the destroyed tiles don't start looking repetitive after a few mins of Rocket Arena Nothing much done on the game yet (so don't go asking for demos :D ) because I want to get the level editor nailed down (the map scroller is built, though, and some of the AI is on paper). If I can get a playable demo together before Gabriel's trump I'll announce it here . Anyway, any thoughts? Anybody like the dynamic damage idea? What about multiplayer? Do I really hafta? (I already know the answer, but 'meesa gettin very very scared of UDP') Cheers, Michael PS: Oh, current map size is up to 64x64 and tiles are 32x32 - can be changed, though with just a bit of work. PPS: It's in BlitzBasic. Don't scoff...I don't want to have to go mucking about with DX8 for a simple tile-based shooter [edited by - mearrin69 on August 15, 2002 2:59:00 PM] [edited by - mearrin69 on August 15, 2002 3:01:07 PM]

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