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Game programming schools in the BAY AREA

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Hey everybody !!! I''m a freshman in college and I wanted to know what would be a good programming school to get into. I checked out University of SF but it seemed like they were more into Multimedia and web design. I know (from what I''ve been reading) that I would have to get into Computer Science to be a game programmer. I''m more than willing to get my BS in computer science if it allows me to get a job in the gaming industry. My first choice would be to go to school in the Bay Area but if anybody recommends going to the east coast, then I would try and go out there to fullfill my dream. The Art Institute of SF has a game designer program but I don''t think I should take it since it involves alot of art and I can''t draw well. Being a game programmer is my #1 choice since I can''t draw very well and I would love to help make games. Maybe I can be an AI programmer. I''m not a math genius but I''m willing to work hard on my math just to be a programmer. Can anybody give me advice as in what classes to take (besides C++ and math) that would help me get into the video game industry ???Or BETTER YET, can anybody just tell me what schools to look into ?? That would save ALOT of researching that has given me nothing but confusion. Thanx alot for reading my post and I would REALLY appreciate the advice.

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I don''t know much about schools in the bay area, but you want to make sure you take clases in the following areas:
Operating Systems,
Computer Graphics,
Artificial Intelligence,
Computer Databases,
and Software Engineering

If you have a particular interest within a specific area, you could take the next level or graduate course to futher specialize. Most game companies that I''ve seen want smart people with experience in all the various aspects of game programming. I went to Texas A&M (great graphics programming classes), but that might be a little far for you.
It would be best to just look at possible schools and find out what classes they offer. Most schools do not have a "game programming" degree, but there are a few. The best idea would be to get a BS in CS and get a lot of experience in the Open Source side of things. Looks good on a resume.

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Check out digipen here http://www.digipen.edu/
they are the most widely respected for game programming thats all they teach pretty much they are in washington

or FullSail here http://www.fullsail.com/
they are also strictly dedicated to the gameing industry but not as renowned they are in florida

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Thanx ALOT for the advice. I know DIGIPEN is the king of game schools but I can''t go there. I heard of Fullsail but it''s kinda far. I appreciated you taking the time to answer my post.

Kinshadow, I copied down the list of classes you said to get into and did some searching. I found SFSU (NOT usf) had all that and more.

Now it''s the #1 school on my list. You can all check it out and if it''s not rite for me (or not rite for getting into the game industry) then PLEASE let me know http://www.sfsu.edu/~puboff/programs/undergrad/compsci.htm
The only thing I didn''t understand was when you said "get a lot of experience in the Open Source side of things," but your advice was still VERY helpfull.

I''m taking advice from ppl on this website VERY seriously. The advice from this site can change my life as far as what school I go to or what I want to major in. That is due to the fact that the people around me don''t know ANYTHING about the game industry. Kinshadow just gave me way more advice than my academic counselor. I couldn''t have found this website or ppl with this kind of knowledge at a better time.

You just saved me from ALOT of frustration and THANK YOU very much.

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