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Translation Controller

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Hi All, I''m working on an SGI Oynx3200, writing a serious visualization application, available on sourceforge (http://mvs.sourceforge.net), and I was looking for some input. I need to figure out an translation controller that can be used with a regular mouse. The controller must be able to manipulate each translation co-ordinate seperately. I''m using the SGI Performer graphics library, which really rocks for doing the mathematics so far. The function will have inputs of delta mouse movement (dX/dY), and produces dX/dY/dZ coordinates from this. I''m using Ken Shoemakes Arcball Quaternion controller for my rotation system, so if anybody can point me to similar ideas for a translation controller, I''d be most grateful. Thanks all.

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Hmm... have you ever played homeworld? I kinda like their translation interface. X and Y movements happen when the user is holding down one button and dragging. If both right and left buttons are held while being dragged, then movement in the Z direction occurs.

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If I were the user of your programm I'd love to have the following options:
Movement along each 1 axis. X,Y,Z by dragging a visualization of the base vector
Movement along in a plane. XY, XZ, YZ dragging a visualization of the two base vectors

Each of these movement methods should be applicable on various coordinate systems. Selctable by right-click-context and keyboard

World coordinate system
Object coordinate system
Optionally the objects parent coordinate system, for hierarchical objects
Camera/Viewer coordinate system

How you store the results is another problem

I may be getting older, but I refuse to grow up

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