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Original post by alex_r
Hello again...

I making a OpenGL engine, what is the best use only OpenGL or GLUT???


what kinda question was that ? if u r making an opengl engine u must use opengl.. glut wont do all the gl graphical part.. glut help witht he windowing... cuts alot of win api.. but i prefer win api with opengl..

Metal Typhoon

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The question is, I like to make a engine for Windows, Linux, MacOS.

For this engine I use OpenGL like the samples from Nehe(Windows.h) or I use the Glut???


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Option one: you use GLUT to make your life easier. GLUT covers functions that are (potentially?) platform-specific, in order to make the early learning curve easier before you get the details down.

OpenGL is used at all times. GLUT and GLU will call it whenever you want to do something. Commands such as glBegin, glFlush, and gl*Array are what you use to get pixels on the screen.

Option two: creatively use #define and #if/#elif/#else/#endif in order to partition off sections of code for differant OSes, compilers, etc, while just using GL and GLUT routines.

Use GLUT to get it started, then switch commands over when you''re out of good ideas of how to add functionality.

Anyway labeling preprocessor commands as "C Legacy Topics" deserves to get thwacked.


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