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Bobi Gilburd

3D representation of CT/MR scan

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Hello, As part of some project I''m taking part in, we''ve A CT/MR scan that we want to somehow visualize as a 3D-object. The scan is given as ~300 slices, while each slice is given as a BMP file. Now, I want to somehow visulize it in some way, by making the dark areas transparent, and the white areas non-transparent. In this way it will be possible to see the vessels, which we are interested at. I also want to be able to move this object around in space, so that it will be possible to look at it from different angles. What I''ve tried is to load all the slices as textures, and then to draw them one on top of the other by using alpha-blend. This gives nice results (one can see the vessels), but it''s very slow and not good enough. Is there some way to do it ? Don''t tell me to use volume-textures because most of the drivers don''t support it yet... Big thanks in advance, Waiting for your answer, Bobi Gilburd

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