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Trying to create a third person camera...

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Hey there, I''ve been having some trouble lately trying to implement a third person camera for my current game. At the moment I''m using the tutorial from gametutorials.com, and I have a camera set up fine which follows my object (a tank) and rotates around it fine. However what I''m trying to do now is make the tank rotate with the camera so that it is always facing straight ahead. I''ve managed to get it to partially work, however when the rotation angle hits 45 degrees, the whole thing falls apart for me. Here''s the code that I''m using for this:
if ((key == ''A'') || (key == ''a'')) //Turn left.	

	float oldX, oldZ, newX, newZ, midX, midZ, adj, hyp, theta;
	oldX = camera.m_vPos.x;
	oldZ = camera.m_vPos.z;
	printf("oldX: %f oldZ: %f\n", oldX, oldZ);
	camera.rotateAroundPoint(camera.m_vView, 0.03, 0, 1, 0);
	newX = camera.m_vPos.x;
	newZ = camera.m_vPos.z;
	midX = (oldX + newX) / 2;
	midZ = (oldZ + newZ) / 2;
	midX *= 10;
	midZ *= 10;
	adj = abs(tankGreen.fPosX - midX);
	hyp = abs(tankGreen.fPosZ - midZ);
	theta = ((acos(adj / hyp)) * 2);
	direction += theta;
Any help would be appreciated, thanks.
Fa||en_Ange| Productions

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if you want to have a camera that can encircle an object look into polar coordinates...

As for cameras, also read up on quaternion maths...

however to position a camera behind something facing in the same direction that the object is pointing, why not just set the direction vector for your camera to be the same as the direction vector for the object, set the position the same, and then move it back n units against the direction vector...? And then you can always translate it verticly...

i dunno, i''ve never had to do this, there could be a better way.

hope this helps


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