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zbias and zbuffer question

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I''m trying to render a solid mesh with a wireframe overlay, so that all the edges of the mesh are black. To do this, I render the mesh once with fillmode=solid and zbias=0, and then again with fillmode=wireframe and zbias=1. It was my expectation that zbias would help prevent z-fighting artefacts. It works to a degree, however the lines are not completely solid (some z-fighting remains) and worse yet, some edges _behind_ the solid tris are rendered, intermittently popping through. A larger difference in zbias improves the line z-fighting, but also worsens the popping effect. I''m using a 24bit zbuffer (32bit is not supported on my hardware) and my perspective near and far clip planes are 1.0 and 100.0, so it doesn''t seem likely that this is a typical zbuffer precision issue. Any ideas of how I can achieve the effect I want, without these graphical artefacts? The final effect I''m striving for is to have only certain edges of the mesh highlighted in black (stored in a separate index buffer, sharing the same vertex buffer, for cel shading). Thanks for any help, ideas, or tips

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