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Using MFC seems to 'dumb down' the IDE..

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Hey- This isn''t so much of a problem as it is an annoyance. I can get this working, but MSVC++ just doesn''t seem to have any idea of what I''m doing. It''s almost like user-friendliness gone wrong. I''m working with an MFC-based application and am adding a support dialog to do a few extra things. This isn''t much of a problem, I just need a few pages of code to handle everything. I''m using straight Win32 api to control the dialog. I''ve actually got it working, but MFC just doesn''t seem to get it. Whenever I double-click on the dialog in the editor, I get: IDD_*** is a new resource. (No, it isn''t). Since it is a dialog resource you probably want to create a new class for it. (Actually, I don''t). You can also select an existing class. (If that''s what I wanted to do). Options are OK and Cancel. ''Cancel'' dumps me to the ClassWizard, which doesn''t help in particular way, since I did not create a class, and didn''t have any specific need to open the ClassWizard. The funny thing is, after completing the work, saving the project, reopening it, and recompiling all, MSVC++ STILL thinks this is a new dialog resource. At one point I DID create a class called "TemporaryClassToKeepMFCFromInterferingWithMyCode", this created a few files that I did not ask for, which I removed, which generated an error with the dialog, which prompted me to remove the class from the ClassWizard, which caused MSVC++ to perpetually view this dialog as a ''new'' resource, which it obviously is not. This is not a critical problem, because I know what I''m doing and I was able to do my work, but it frustrates me that the IDE I am used to has suddenly morphed into this monolithic Don''t-touch-this-or-that-without-my-permission IDE simply because the base code uses MFC. I''m glad that MS allows you to write code normally within an MFC-based app, but I''m a little surprised(and disappointed) that the IDE can''t tell the difference between a new resource and an existing resource. I write software. I know that this could have been fixed. Either they didn''t test, or they didn''t care. "Like all good things, it starts with a monkey.."

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