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bsp, octrees, quadtrees, farttrees...

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i''m very confused as to what i should be using in my next game. my goal is to have level geometry like unreal, and have lots of meshes made in 3D studio with collision models. for the level geometry part made in an editor, do i want bsps, or octrees. i''m pretty sure quadtrees are 2d. and, is there a tutorial somehwere about which one i should use?

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a normal bsp tree doesn''t have portals.
a quake style bsp tree which also includes the pvs (potentially visible set) does have portals, because you need the portals to calculate the pvs.

learning how to build a bsp, then the portala and then the pvs is a fairly large task.
If you want to though, the best method would be to enroll in the gameinstitute bsp course. It isn''t excellent, but it is fairly good and if you''re really keen then it''ll be invaluable.

you can use an octree, provided the level isn''t too fancy, however if you want anything large then the bsp+pvs is the best way to go. (in my humble opinion)

either way you''ve got some research to do.

good luck

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Well, I''m using a BSP tree for my 3D engine. I decided this because Quake and Unreal use them, and it they''re good enough for them, they''re good enough for me. I too asked this question, and got quite a few replies, but the best pointed me in the direction of They have a course (it costs about £60), which covers BSP trees, PVS determination and CSG, which you can use in map makers.

The course is quite technical, but it will teach you everything you need. Everything. It''s great. I just finished it, and I''ve almost implemented WorldCraft-style Carve and Hollow commands in my map maker.

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