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Making an Agent

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Ok, I just started getting into the AI thang. I was reading a article in a DirectX book and the graphics that were displayed were by FSMs. So I looked on Google and ran into tons of AI sites. Most of them trying to explain a little about FSM and how they can be used. Little did I know I''v been using them all the time. So I thought I would try and create some sort of FSM agent that had a special purpose. I want to get to know the frame work first. I have had no luck finding any good articles that explain good algorithms for putting peacing together the frame work for a Agent (FSM). What I want is some good info on designing a system. What type of classes, structures and methods of C++ that should be used. The type of AI I need to make is somthing pretty basic for now. I want it to be able react off sertain thangs in its enviorment. I want some basic attack knolage and thats about it for now. Later I want to add a learning system. Witch I heard most of this stuff can be based all of a FSM. This is something I just came up with. Its just a laout of thangs. I want to code a good frame work and layout. So then I have something to build off of.


while( 1 )
    if( ::PeekMessage( &msg, NULL, 0, 0, PM_REMOVE ) )
	::TranslateMessage( &msg );
	::DispatchMessage( &msg );

	if( msg.message == WM_QUIT )
    if( s != DEAD )
	// AI process( es )

	// Finite State Machine

	switch( s )
	    case ALIVE:
            case THINK:
	// End process


I wanted to get a FSM framework setup like the ones in QUAKEs. Because I like they way they work from what I''v head. Those type of algorythms is what I''m talking about.

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