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resizing problem with my app

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hello first take a look at this if there is no picture there then here's the link now figure 2 shows fullscreen mode. and when i alt+tab to go to windowed mode i get figure 1 (which for some reason only shows a part of what was on the fullscreen). how can i make it so that when i alt+tab to windowed mode i get figure 3? thanks for help. edit--------------- grrrrrrrrr the link isnt working and the page is not found i dunno why. but ill try and describe whats in the pictures. figure 2 is the fullscreen image that has a texture being displayed. figure 1 is the windowed mode, and only a quarter of teh texture gets on that window depending on the windows width and height. if the window has the desktop width and height (maximized) then the whole image gets displayed. if the width and height are half that of the desktop then only half the image gets displayed. figure 3 is what the image should look like...a scaled down fullscreen image

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geocities doesn't like people linking to pictures from outside a geocities site (in fact you're not allowed to under their terms & conditions). You need to have a html page with this line of html:
<img src="blah.jpg">
E.g. here. (goto the view menu -> source to see what i mean).

As for the problem itself, you don't specify whether you use DD or D3D.
D3D: Have you reset the view & projection matrices?
DD: Is the window the same size as the fullscreen mode you change to (e.g. if you're using 640x480 in fullscreen, do you use 640x480 in windowed)? I think you need to resize the backbuffer (destroy and recreate it) or do a StretchBlt() instead of a plain Blt() when you swap tyhe surfaces (i could be wrong, its been ages since i used DD). Alternatively, switch to D3D and get all this for free

Edit: Typos

HTH, Steve

DirectX Programmer
Soon to be the new Bill Gates

[edited by - Evil Bill on August 17, 2002 1:40:43 PM]

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