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Austrian Coder

Whats wrong whit that?

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#ifndef _SINGLETON_H_ #define _SINGLETON_H_ #include "n_globals.h" // global includes namespace XXXXXXX { template class Singleton { private: static T *m_Singleton; public: Singleton() { if(m_Singleton != NULL) { // todo: error handling } int offset = (int)(T*)1 - (int)(Singleton *)(T*)1; m_Singleton = (T*)((int)this + offset); } // ================================== ~Singleton() { if(m_Singleton) { delete m_Singleton; } m_Singleton = NULL; } // ================================== inline static bool IsValid() { return(NULL != m_Singleton); } // ================================== inline static T& GetInstance() { if(NULL == m_Singleton) { static T typeInstance; m_Singleton = &typeInstance; } return(*m_Singleton); } }; // ================================== template T* Singleton ::m_Singleton = 0; // ================================== } #endif /*_SINGLETON_H_*/ Whats wrong with this? When i use it like this: class COpenGL : public Singleton ... and then COpenGL *OGL = &COpenGL::GetInstance() Here is a screenshot from vc in debugmode! http://www.visual-page.de/singelton.jpg As you can see my source produces alot of instances... Thanks PS: sorry for the black lines in the picture!

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Wow, where did you learn about singletons? I think you''re rather confused...

For those that are iterested, the class definition for COpenGL looks like this:

class COpenGL : public Singleton<COpenGL>

The browser just strips out the < / >...

Anyway, there''s a lot of reasons why that doesn''t work, and I would recommend you get yourself a copy of the book "Design Patterns" (I forget the author, just do a search on amazon.com). Failing that, find a good tutorial - a search on google should give you a plethora to choose from.

If I had my way, I''d have all of you shot!

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