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Question about Fonts

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Come down to the point where I have to add text to the game. Do to certain reasons (the fact that I want to add multiple textures at differnt times, add some characters that are not present in the ascii set, have a specific font picked out that does not come with windows, do certain effects with them that cannot be done with direct draw, etc, etc), I''m creating the fonts as textured polygons. The problem is not how to do it, rather which way is better from a perspective of the reader and looks nicer. If 1: Each letter has the same width, so the same amount of w''s fit on a line as i''s. 2: Each letter has letter has a width with certain space to each side. A line with all w''s contains fewer characters than a line with all i''s. Thanks.

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I think that depends very much on the design of the font, some fonts work very well with a fixed width while others don''t. If you feel that it won''t be to much work to implement the font with variable width then you should do so, the designer can still use fixed width fonts if he (or she) should choose to.

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