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Main.obj : error LNK2001: unresolved external symbol _DirectDrawCreate@12 I''m working through Windows Game Programming for Dummies and am trying to implement my DirectX stuff in a Class called Ngine. I''m building it step by step in "skeleton code" fashion and running into the error above. Here''s the code: // -- Ngine.h -- #ifndef Ngine_h #define Ngine_h #include class Ngine { public: Ngine(); ~Ngine(); bool InitDirectX(); private: LPDIRECTDRAW lpDirectDraw; }; #endif // -- Ngine.cpp -- #include "Ngine.h" Ngine:: Ngine() { }; Ngine:: ~Ngine() { }; bool Ngine:: InitDirectX() { if (DirectDrawCreate(NULL, &lpDirectDraw, NULL) != DD_OK) { return false; } return true; }; I''m simply trying to set the private data member "lpDirectDraw" via the DirectDrawCreate() accessor function. Is that somehow not allowed (or is my code incorrect and I just can''t see it?) NOTE: I''m using MS Visual C++ 6.0 Enterprise. My DirectX Include directory (C:\mssdk\include\) and my Libraries directory (C:\mssdk\lib\) both are at the top of their respective lists. Could I be missing something in the SDK?

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forgot to do something in the previous post... hehe...

the line that reads: #include

should read: #include <ddraw.h#gt;

I forgot about the HTML formatting codes for < and >. I assure anyone reading this that I did not forget to include ddraw.h in my code. (Silly me)

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