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8bpp BMP on 16bpp surface

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I loaded a 8bpp BMP on a 16bpp surface. When I use GetPixel (GDI), I don''t obtain the right RGB value, why? Example: I know that a pixel in the BMP has RGB values : (0,0,1). When I use GetPixel, the COLORREF (i.e. a DWORD) returned is 0. Thanks in advance for your help! Ivan

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well, what i see wrong here is that your loading an 8-bit image onto a 16-bit surface. Unless, you convert the 8-bit pixel data for each pixel to 16-bit, you''re gonna get errors. To convert each value, you can get the RGB values from each 8-bit pixel (pixel.peRed, pixel.peGreen, pixel.peBlue), and then store each one in a COLORREF to generate the 16-bit color.
THen i suggest you make your own GetPixel type function, so that way you can know exactly what''s goin'' on. Exp:
COLORREF GetPixel(int x, int y, USHORT *buffer, int buffer_pitch)
temp.Red /* Or whatever it''s supposed to be */ = buffer[x + y*buffer_pitch].peRed;
temp.Green = buffer[x + y*buffer_pitch].peGreen;
temp.Blue = buffer[x + y*buffer_pitch].peBlue;

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