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Blt Surface to 3D Scene (DX)

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Hi, Would anyone know how I might be able to load a DirectDraw surface on to a Direct3D Scene without it flickering? I''ve looked through the archive to find previous posts hoping to find someone else who came across the same problem, and came to a fix but everything seemed kind of vague. What is the Method you all use to achieve this? Overlays? Something else? Thanks. -Miraj

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I just did it the normal way :

1) Draw 3D stuff to the backbuffer
2) Blit the 2D-surface to the backbuffer
3) Flip

And it worked fine. When you don''t use double-buffering, you will see a flickering, but else you normally wouldn''t. Things might slow down, because hugh surface blits are slow on most graphics-cards.


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