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C++ Java-like library?

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Okay, so my language background is mostly C and Java. C being for low level stuff and Java being for high level fun stuff. C didn''t work out for me in games, I kept wanting to use classes and all that other fun OOP stuff that just made sense to me. I had tried C++ but the syntax and libraries turned me off. So now I''ve decided I''m just going use C++ as if it were Java with visible pointers and no garbage collection. Right out of the gate, that means the STL has to go. templates lead to such a god awful mess that my brain just oozes out of my ear when the compiler spits out a warning concerning any templated object. In short, what I''m looking for is a C++ library that looks just like the Java library (single root object heirarchy, lots of inheritance, no templates or namespaces) and is as cross-platform as possible. Preferrably using POSIX as a base to make it work on Win2k+ and Linux/MacOSX without too much trouble. Now I could write my own, and I''ve partially done with network stuff, but I realize I can''t realistically do a project like that and do it well.

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