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Hi Let me get the term straight first... Is terraforming the process of creating a smooth transition between two totally different tiles to make the two tiles ''flow'' into each other? (I am talking about a 2D(top-view) tile system) Well, whatever its called, how do u implement it? Is there a specific or preferred way? Also, is it best to add a bit of randomness to the ''transforming''? Ehh.. I read this aritcle on gamdev : http://www.gamedev.net/reference/articles/article934.asp Thats the idea. Are there anymore articles on the subject somewhere, or even some sourcecode/examples? thanks in advance. regard, pieter lessing

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Actually terraforming is:
To transform (a landscape) on another planet into one having the characteristics of landscapes on Earth.
(From dictionary.com)

It''s a pretty futuristic idea that some scientists have, they''d like to expell large amounts of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere of Mars and eventually in a couple of hundred years Mars would theoretically be warm like earth and then plants could be introduced and eventually mars would have an atmosphere like earth has and people could live there without space suits

Anyway thats just my 2 cents


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