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Locales messed up

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Hello all. I seem to have messed up my locale settings somehow. I first noticed when I was receiving messages on LICQ, and the special characters in the swedish language were messed up. People i was sending messages to asked if I was drunk, so I suppose the messages they got looked strange also. I fired up a term, and looked at what environment variables I had. Everything that had to do with languages was set to en_US. I would like to have them in swedish, sv_SE. So, naturally (I thought), I added this to my .bashrc export LANG=sv_SE export LC_CTYPE=sv_SE export LC_MONETARY=sv_SE export LC_COLLATE=sv_SE export LANGUAGE=sv_SE export LC_TIME=sv_SE export LC_NUMERIC=sv_SE Logged out, logged in again, did a env | grep sv_SE to verify they were set correctly. They were. Then, I started X. Fired up a term, did the same thing. Nothing. I checked all env variables, and they were all set back to en_US Where did that happen? What do I need to change? system: linux, XFree86 4.10, KDE 2.2.2

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Look in the following directories:
$KDEBASE/share/config (Global KDE configuration files)
~/.kde (Hidden per-user configuration files)
$KDEBASE/share (Global KDE shared resources)

Also try Settings->Desktop->Language from the KDE Menu.

[Edit: formatting.]

[edited by - Oluseyi on August 26, 2002 12:20:24 PM]

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Thank you for your reply, Oluseyi.

I looked in the KDE control panel to see if the language had changed. It hadn't, it was set to sv_SE, as it has been all the time.

I did a grep in the directories you mentioned to see if I could find anything useful. Didn't find anything that semt to be causing this, though.

I also noticed something else, which confuses things even more. If I run the program locale from a terminal window in kde, it shows that all those variables are actually set to sv_SE, except LANG, which is to "en"

Still, when I look at the environment variables in a kde terminal (does the same thing with xterm, so it can't be kde a terminal related problem), they are all set to en_US.

I honestly have no clue to what the problem is here. Anyone else?

(edit: oops, unclosed italics tag)

[edited by - mr BiCEPS on August 28, 2002 9:36:00 AM]

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