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Timed Action Combat

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In the game that I''m planning to make I''m planning to have a summoning class. There will be a maximum of like 6 guys in your party ok? When your party has multiple fighters in it should I 1: Make it timed action combat for easier control(but personally I HATE this system.) 2: Make it like an RTS where you have the ability to control everyone all at once. Or 3:Have the summoned/hired units controlled by the AI. Which would people prefer?

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I prefer having the summonable/hireable creatures under the control of the AI but have the player be able set what AI he wants.
The party consists of the player and a healer. The player is in direct control of his character and has set the healer''s AI to ''support''. So the player is casting his spells or whatever whilst the healer automatically heals the player everytime he gets hurt.
The player decides to summon a hell hound. The hellhound''s default AI is ''all-out attack'' so the hound charges straight in.
The player decides that he wants his hellhound to hang back and use his flamebreath, so he sets the hellhounds attack to ''support''.
I''m envisioning different characters/units doing different actions for each AI setting (like in the example above) or just not having the AI setting at all e.g. the healer from the example above may not have an ''all-out attack'' AI whilst a beserker warrior may only have the ''all-out attack AI''

Hopefully those examples explain the basic idea of what I''m getting at.

- DarkIce

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Well, theres a nice half-way point between these two ideas.

You could have an AI list that has more detailed options, like for a generic creature, you get a list like so.

Attacking: Moderate
Healing: Liberal
MP Usage: Conservative

So that you can fine tune each summon to do what you want it to be doing. From there, you could probably even have a list of skills that can be turned on and off, ala Star Ocean 2.

-> Will Bubel
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