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Works with GeForce 4, but not Mobility M3

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Hello, I have written a D3D 8.1 app that works on my workstation with a geforce 4 TI4600, but not on a colleague''s laptop with an ATI mobility M3. Is there a way to rewrite the D3D components of the app to work on the laptop? Thanks 3CM

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Really you need to determine WHY it doesn''t work on the laptop gfx card. Do this by adding some debugging code to your app which will output any errors and progress to a text file. Even better (if possible) would be to put your source code on the laptop with a copy of MSVC to debug what the problem is locally.

Are you sure for example that it''s actually a D3D issue ? - maybe there''s some other problem - power management?, variable CPU speed (laptop CPUs vary the CPU speed to save power) ? etc...

Does your app check the device capabilities of the chip it''s running on ?

A few guesses at what your app may be doing wrong:

1) if you specify HARDWARE vertex processing and the chip doesn''t support it (many laptop chips don''t). Try using SOFTWARE vertex processing.

2) the gfx chips in most laptops will show up as *TWO* D3D devices. On some the main LCD screen will show up as the *SECOND* D3D adapter. On those, the first adapter is reserved for when the laptop is docked (i.e. has a full sized monitor plugged in).

3) some other caps checking issue - laptop cards are commonly cut down versions of desktop chips - for this reason, you might find texture size limits, less memory, less blend operations etc.

Simon O''Connor
Creative Asylum Ltd

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Are you using textures that are powers of two? If i remember correctly, GeForce cards support textures of any size while most other cards need textures that are powers of two (16, 64, 256 etc...)

// [LANS]Vertex

[edited by - LANS Vertex on August 26, 2002 5:40:29 PM]

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