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converting unicode/ASCII

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I''m doing some dev work for the US Army Corps of Engineers using Win CE 3.0. Small prob: CE only supports unicode. Is there a function that converts ASCII to unicode and vice versa? It needs to be at runtime; I''m already aware of the TEXT() macro. If not, is there a wide-char version of inet_ntoa()? That''s the most critical function I''m having a problem with. Thanks. --------------------

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Take a look at MultiByteToWideChar() . According to MSDN it''s supported by WinCE 1.01 onward.

The name is a tad misleading actually - the source string doesn''t have to have MBCS/DBCS characters - it can be single byte ANSI characters (what you''re thinking of as ASCII).

The reverse operation, not surprisingly is WideCharToMultiByte()

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