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Hello I''m very very new to this forum, but its the only place I know I could find help. The problem that I have had is when I do the "Test Direct3D" it test DX 7.0 which works fine. Then it tries to test 8.0 it fails at this point and gives me an msg saying "Direct3D test results: Failure at step 5 (GetDeviceCaps): HRESULT = 0x8876086a (3D not available)" The thing is I have directX 8.1 installed so I''m not sure why it wont go past 8.0. I haven''t had a problem with my dirX, but once I installed 8.1 there has been. I''m not sure if I installed it wrong.....which could be the case...but I have tried many things to get it to work so I thought I should come and ask the pros on this one. I am also attaching a DXDiag if it easier to help you. thanks you for your time. if you need a copy of my DxDiag just email me at noom@ragga-jungle.com and i will send it away. Thanks for you time and if this is to novice a thing for you im sorry for wasting your time. Noom

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Make sure your video drivers are current. If they are DX7 drivers, look for DX8 drivers.

If this doesn''t work, your card (depending on how old it is) might not be compatible with DirectX 8. A card in my secondary computer fully supports DX6, DX7, but when you run a DX8 program, it refuses to work. (Even with current drivers, the card is too old).

Maybe if you posted your video card we could help better.

Hope this helps.

"There are only three types of people in this world: those who can count, and those who can''t."

Justin Nordin
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