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environment mapping

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Basically, I want to render reflections of a height map that changes, on a water heightmap that also changes. That is impossible to do by rendering each reflection, so seems like a good place for env mapping. I know how to apply environment maps as textures and everything. but I dont know how to generate one. Is a rendering program typically used or is it calculated some other way. I also want to know how long it takes to generate. can it be done in real time by rendering to a texture or does it have to be done beforehand. If someone can point me to a place that explains about this, that would be preffered.

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if you want to do it for geforce1++ and radeon++, then go for cubemapping, its rather simple and there is tons of info out in the web, on how to do it. fe opengl.nutty.org, as well as others..

go for it.

_or_ if you want gf3++ radeon++, then you can render it as a flat reflection of the flat watersurface, bind it as texture, map it onto the wavy water, and use some environmentbumpedmapping to distort the reflections according to the waves..

depends on how rough the water is.. for tiny waves the second way is the way to go, for big waves the first one..

for low end hw (smaller gf1 && smaller radeon) you will want to use a simple spherical environmentmap by most chance, wich you normally pregenerate in a paintprogram, go on nehe.gamedev.net to see info on how to set it up. for the lowend hw, with water that is not _that_ wavy, you can choose the same approach with environmentbumpedmapping for gf3/radeon, just without perpixel displacement of the reflections, but rather per vertex. means you map back the ordinary flat reflection onto the flat watergrid, and then move the watergrid up and down according to your waves..

hope you got an idea..

"take a look around" - limp bizkit

[edited by - davepermen on August 27, 2002 2:40:35 AM]

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