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Billy Lee

Best way to change variables

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Is it better to change a class'' variable value directly from another module or would it be better to call a method in that class which does the changing of that variable? E.g.
In input.cpp:

ball->ball_x = 1.0f;  // ball is an instance of class Ball

Or is it better to call a method in ball.cpp:
In ball.cpp:

void Ball::changeVariable(float f)
    ball_x = f;
In input.cpp: ball->changeVariable(1.0f); [/source] BTW, I haven''t tested this code so apologies if I''ve made a mistake.

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The generally accepted idiom is to make all data private in the class, and provide accessors/mutators(getters/setters) to access the data. If these methods are trivial, they should be inlined automatically by the compiler and there will be no loss of performance, whilst maintaining encapsulation.
Some languages even formalize this pattern, through a special syntax for properties. C# example:

public Color BackgroundColor
get{ return this.backgroundColor; }
set{ this.backgroundColor = value; }

If the class is little more than an aggregation of data, like f.ex a Point or a Vector3D, it can be considered acceptable to make the data public.
Further reading: http://www.cuj.com/experts/1902/hyslop.htm?topic=experts

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