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Question regarding characters

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Hi! Im reading wm_keydown and wm_char. But I got this problem.. I want to read other keys than the usual a-z 1-9. But I found that not all keys correspond to the ASCII chart for instance, if I press button "a" (ascii 97) - I get a big "A" (ascii65) instead. if I press "." (ascii 46) wparam returns 190 I''ve read about wm_keydown and wparam at msdn, and it says "wParam - Specifies the virtual-key code of the nonsystem key." It didn''t say how to fix the problem really... I have seen many applications reading these keys, including å ä ö among others.. is there an easy way around this?

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On the assumption that key holds the keycode returned from the windows message, use this bit of code...

// need an array to hold all of the keystates....

unsigned char pKeys[256];
// get the keyboard state for the ToAscii function

// variable to hold the ascii code...

unsigned short pRet = 0;
// get the ascii key code...

// convert to char...

char asciiCode = (char)pRet;

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Thx! that seems to work just as I want ("a" gets 97). Only thing is that (char)pRet gets 246 when I type "ö". Char "ö" is right, but code 246? :/ According to my ascii tables "ö" is 148.

[edited by - Herr_O on August 27, 2002 12:12:53 PM]

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