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Demo... anyone interested? Help please!

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First of all, this is my first post. Hello everyone! Well, I figure out I have ot post a small demo. It is not exactly what I was searching for (it''s buggy, I think it''s almost useless and the code is a mess) however, since I don''t want to waste time evolving it anymore, I figure out it''s time to post it. It uses SDL (never compiled on anything that win2k) and hase some crappy classes and libraries I think would be useful to evolve. The first is a class which wraps the SDL input so you don''t poll for SDLK_ anymore, you poll for an action (something like GL''s texture objects) and you get what you''re searching, I still have some ideas abot it (the good is that you can trgger a key from mouse or keyboard without having to worry about)... The second class manages a fixed camera so you don''t have thousands of variables around... to bad I cannot get the rid of some bugs which severely limits the usefulness of it... anyone can help? Then, there''s a library to build procedurally-generated solids. For now, there''s plagued by bad bugs (there''s one I can fix in less than a week if someone is interested). It''s something to replace the old glutSolidCube(), since it''s aimed at array-based rendering. At the moment it''s really limited (can draw only cubes, toruses and finite planes) but hopefully will help those guys who still draws a cube by specifing vertices in the src... Someone interested?

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