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how to get CPU caps

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hrm this may be along the same lines
so hopefully im not hijacking a thread-
but is there another way to get processor
specifications besides digging through the
registry and/or decoding cryptic cpu signatures?

would be nice if there was a GetCPUSpeed() function

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There was some code to do this sort of thing that was code of the day on flipcode a while back. It uses asm but should be fairly easy to use. Not sure if this is the kind of thing you want. Anyway here is the link

EDIT - If you look down in the comments I think there is something about detecting the speed

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Original post by original vesoljc
tornado: vendor name, cpu family, version, revision, speed, mmx, sse, 3dnow, etc...

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OK, All of this info you can get with the CPUID instruction.
For the CPU speed, you can use the RDTCS instruction.
Basically: Goto Intel and AMD websites and find the specs for the CPUID instruction.
In your application, use CPUID to find the vendor of the CPU (Which works the same way for both vendors) and from that point use the CPUID instruction reference for each vendor to get more info about the CPU.
Like said, goto sites like, etc. - you'll probably find neat stuff over there
If you're looking for anything specific and really can't find it, I might be able to help you (Wrote a library that gets all of the info you specified a couple of months ago ) - So post here, or email me.

Btw: Look over at Intel's developers section, they have an article that explains how to use the RDTSC instruction to get the speed of the CPU.

[edit] Dohh forgot to mention: CPUID and RDTSC are assembly instructions, so you'll have to use some inlined assembly to get things done [/edit]

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