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It don´t works for me. Screenshots made with SDL_SaveBMP(screen) always are black o white. Some idea ?

thx in advance

PD: sorry, my poor level of english limit my answers

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Maybe you call SDL_SaveBMP(screen) after SDL_FillRect oder SDL_Flip?!

Try to call SDL_SaveBMP(screen) in different locations in your code.
The right one should be directly after the drawing code.


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it works now . I think the problem was that I put SDL_SaveBMP() after the first call to SDL_Flip() and because the hardware doublebuffer when returning from the call to SDL_Flip() the surface was in black.

If I put two calls to SDL_FLip() and then SDL_SaveBMP() it works too.

Thanks AfroFire and schiggl .

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you may also wanna implement some sort of save system that numbers the screenshots so that you can allow the user to take more than one:

void CVideo::CaptureImage()
// define the variables

char filename[16];

// create the filename


// save the screen

if (SDL_Failed(SDL_SaveBMP(psPrimary, filename)))
throw Error("could not capture screen", "CVideo.cpp", __LINE__);

// increment our counter in anticipation of another capture


capture_count starts at 0 and is incremented with each screen cap so you don''t keep overwriting the same file.


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