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Flipping timer... (or some sort of reasonable facsimile)

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Ok....after reading the endless pages of the DirectX 7 DDraw documentation from Microsoft, since I can''t afford to buy that really cool C++ 3D Game Programming book by John Degoes yet, I have managed to get DDraw to use a nice flipping chain and use vsync and everything. I have also posted a few messages on this board, and the help is greatly appreciated. (God, I love this site!) Now, the question is: How would I set up some sort of timer that would be called in a manner to facilitate constant flipping, rather than how it is now, which is that it flips when an event occurs? (Mouse move, or click, or key press, etc.) I''m still new at Windows programming, even though I''ve been programming console apps for a while. Please let me know. Thank you!!!!!! -=xelius=-

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Best explanation which im not gonna repeat here is MSDN Platform SDK->Windows User Interface->Windowing->Timers
MSDN is available online ( if you dont happen to have it ... i dont see for what reason tho )


C:\Projects\rg_clue\ph_opt.c(185) : error C3142: 'PushAll' :bad idea
C:\Projects\rg_clue\ph_opt.c(207) : error C324: 'TryCnt': missing point

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